Ann M. Martin By: Hannah Fuller

Ann M. Martin is the author of Here Today, Everythingfor a Dog, A Corner of the Universe and many other books.

I picked this author because I saw her book in the library and it seemed interesting. I enjoyed these books because they are all kind of true stories.

Ann has always enjoyed writing stories. Even before she could write!

She grew up in New Jersey . That's where she fell in love with books, especially scary ones.

Ann thinks of all her ideas based on personal experiences. Except a few where she took ideas from her friends summer camp stories.

Ann published her first book when she was 27. The book is tilted Bummer Summer.

Ann has won a John Newbery medal, 2003 Newbery Honor Book and many more medals and achievements.

The books I read for this project are A Corner of the Universe, Here Today and Everything For a Dog.

The story starts out with Ellie remembering when all the bad things started happening. The first bad thing was John F. Kennedy's assassination. Doris started to fall apart. She was a failing model and actress. She tried out for many roles, such as a Circus Girl. Once the president was killed, Doris realized that you don't know when your last day is, so you must live in the present. Then, Doris leaves her whole life in Spectacle and moves to New York. She tells the family that she must establish herself. Then life ends up being worse than before.

Over all, this book was ok so I gave it 3.5 stars.

Bone is trying to find a family that will love him and he ends up finding a cute little town. He decides it's a good idea to stay there. While that is going on Henry finds out the reason he can't get a dog. His father has bad history with a dog he once had. Henry's father doesn't want Henry to have the same despair he had. Henry discovers that there is a chance he could train a stray dog and then keep it. But it will take some convincing.

This book has some good parts but I wouldn't recommended it. I gave it 2.5 stars.
Lastly, I read A Corner of the Universe

Hattie is living her average life in Millerton until the day she finds out she has an uncle. Her uncle is coming to stay. Later, Hattie finds out that her uncle Adam isnt a regular person. He has special needs. But that doesn't stop Hattie from loving her uncle like a best friend. Hattie is having an awesome summer with her friend Leila and Adam until one day. Everything starts going wrong and Hattie isn't as happy. Hattie suddenly realizes that she needs to enjoy the good moments so when bad days come it's not so bad.

I really enjoyed this book and gave it 5 stars

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