Tattoos on the heart book project MaRleese peters

Preface and introduction: I think the themes of these chapters are hope. I think the theme is hope because it introduces what Homeboy industries is and shows that people that go there are looking to find hope in changing their lives around to be better people. Even if you are someone like Ramiro and you have a horrible tattoo on your forehead their is still hope he can get a job and change. My favorite part of these chapters is when Sharkey says he is going to tattoo the compliment that G gave him on his heart. This part stood out to me because when people say nice things it puts me in the best mood and I actually feel like I want to tattoo it on my heart. It makes me want to always keep it with me and always help me remember it when I'm feeling down.

Chapter 1 God, I Guess: I think the theme of this chapter is love. I think the theme is love because every story in this chapter had something to do with love. This chapter was one of my favorites I loved every single story in it they all stood out to me. Out of all the stories the one that stood out to me the most was the one when Cesar called G at 3 in the morning just to ask him if he has been his son. I thought it was super cute for Cesar to call and just hear the reassurance that he is a son worth having.

Chapter 2 Dis-Grace: I think the theme of this chapter is shame. I think this because G talks about being a disgrace and suddenly the shame of a homie had met his own shame. To have shame means to feel bad about oneself and G felt bad about himself when Carmen came into his office to ask him for help and he immediately thought of her as an interruption. My favorite story in this chapter that really made me laugh was the story of Lula. Lula was so excited to show G his report card and G thought it was going to be good grades but it was all F's. So G tried to look for what he was excited about and it was that he had 0 absences. I thought it was cute for G to still be proud of him and show him love.

Chapter 3 compassion: I think the theme for this chapter is compassion. I think this because G teaches the homies how to have compassion for other homies when a loved one has died even when they are rivals. G also teaches this to the homies because that is what Jesus did because God is compassion. My favorite story in this chapter is when Looney tells G he got straight A's but he comes back and he has 2 Cs, 2 Bs, and 1 A. I laughed when G just said close enough and went on.

Chapter 4 Water, Oil, Flame: I think the theme of this chapter is new life. I think this because G talked about all the kids he has baptized and how homies walk up to him and ask if G remembers baptizing them. Also in this chapter a big part of it was when Jose was getting baptized which symbolized his new life. The part where I felt the a lot of emotions was when Jason was gunnned down and was killed. I was very sad when when G said "I buried him a week later and baptized his daughter at his funeral mass." This made me think about how you can lose a loved one at any time and you won't know when it's going to happen.

Chapter 5 Slow work: I think the theme of this chapter is slow work. I think this because it talks about how everything can change if you want it to but it won't happen in the blink of an eye. If you want something to change it will take time and a lot of effort. My favorite story in this chapter was the story of Pedro. In this story Pedro was at rehab getting help and his younger brother committed suicide while Pedro was trying to get help. During this story I felt angry and sad. I felt very bad for Pedro because he was just trying to recover and that is a very hard thing to do and then he just gets the news that his little brother had died. I also felt angery because I think it was selfish for him to commit suicide he could have always gone and gotten help also and he didn't need to put his family through that.

Chapter 6 Jurisdiction: I think the theme of this chapter is Jurisdiction. I think this because we are all in the same jurisdiction. We are all in God's jurisdiction but some of the homies have a hard time understanding that because they have barriers up and lines drawn against their enemies. My favorite story in this chapter is the story of Clever. This story really broke my heart. The whole entire time I thought Clever and Travieso were enemies but once Clever got the news that Travieso was killed he called G and asked if there was anything he could do he even asked G "can I give him my blood?" when Clever already knew he was dead. The part that really broke my heart was when he said " He was my friend. We...worked together."

Chapter 7 Gladness: I think the theme of this chapter is joy. I think this because there is a lot of joy working at homeboy industries. During this chapter it shows that all the homies were very thankful they were given another chance at life and able to do well again. My favorite story in this chapter is Spider's story. His story is that he doesn't eat dinner until his wife and children have eaten and sometimes there isn't even any food left for him. I think it is very sweet of him not to eat until the people that he loves has gotten food. This reminds me that I take so much for granted and I sometimes don't think of others first.

Chapter 8 Success: The theme of this chapter is faith. I think this because G talked about how success is measured in your faith. My favorite story in this chapter was is the story about Soledad. Two of her kids had already been killed by gang violence but she still had faith in the two other children that she had that they would continue to be safe. One day she was sent to the hospital and while she was there she saw a boy next to her that had been shot and soon after she realized it was the guy who had killed her son. After a while as she thought about it she prayed and prayed for the kid to live so his mother didn't have to go through the same thing she went through. After hearing this story it made me think about my choices in life. Coming from an experience like this as I think about it I don't think I would be able to pray for the person that shot and killed my uncle. I have realized it took a lot of faith and courage for her to be able to pray for the guy who killed her own son because I know I don't think I would be able to.

Chapter 9 Kinship: The theme of this chapter is kinship. I think this because kinship is what happens to us when we remember that we belong to others. With kinship as the goal other essential things fall into place without it there would be no justice and no peace. Kinship has a way of sneaking up on you even as you seek to create it. My favorite part of this chapter that really made me think was when a Homie named Chico went up to G and asked for a job. Chico was very hard-working and dedicated to his job but one night he was shot and killed. Just this little part showed me how much we can take for granted in our lives and that we can lose something at any second. In my life I have taken things for granted and I always regreting it in the end. So we have to take everything slow in our life and be thankful for everyone and everything that is in our life.

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