Foresite the past is behind us, we now look to the future. Look there and prosper

Our Mission is to block of the pain of the past and look to the hope of tomorrow.

Rule #1 Do not mention yesterday.

Rule #2 You must go to daily training.

Rule #3 Write all you think about on your paper.

Rule #4 If you can't stop thinking about the past talk to the seers.

Rule #5 Listen to daily foresight.

Rule #6 Read your daily horoscope every day.

Rule #7 Try and foresight your future.

Rule #8 Must be visited by the Grand Gypsy every week.

Rule #9 Go to daily Sunset Session.

Rule #10 Keep hope in your heart always.

Our location would be Hawaii.

Reason for Hawaii.

Because it has great sunsets for sunset session, it's a remote location so we cannot be bothered, and it is desolate.

7:00 AM Get read for the day

8:00 AM Pondering hour

9:00 AM Seer foresight

10:00 AM Free hour

11:00 AM Go to daily training

5:00 PM Ponder

6:00 PM Try guessing your foresight

8:00 PM Sunset session

9:00 PM Write thoughts

10:00 PM Sleep

Our type of government is communists

Persuasive. Free from the pain, free from past, Free from mortality, and For the foresight.

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