Red Queen Victoria Aveyard

The location of this book is in Notia, I imagine this to be a forestry place with pockets that are villages. There is a small red village in the book called stilts that is 10 miles away from summering town, which is the kings summer home. Mare Barrow lives in this village. I imagine this village to be very dirty and not clean.
Mare has been to the stadium and her house in the first part of the book. The stadium is a open air stadium with stone benches all looking towards the center. Then mare goes to a shop that her friend will owns. She also goes to summer town in order to steal from the rich silvers. Summer town is a big place that is protected by diamond walls, and it is very shiny and pretty on the inside.
I feel like this takes place in the future. I imagine the future in that place to be very harsh because of the people with silver blood get all of the fancy stuff, while the reds have to scavenge around for food.
The geography is very green, like it is dense with trees and has a lot of rivers. There are small pockets in the trees where villages are, and if you go south there are Rocky Mountains. If you go North, it is wasteland because of the war that has been going on. This makes me feel bad for all the trees in that area, and where there are trees it must be very pretty.

The population is dense in the villages and towns, but in the forests, there is no one. The people hat live there are the silver bloods with weird powers, and the red bloods who are the peasants. This makes me feel bad for reds because they have to live under silvers.

Some objects that time stamp the story is that the silver bloods have objects like high powered guns, motorcycles, bracelets that can turn of and on the silvers powers, and bombs. The red bloods have wagons and do not have any fancy stuff. I read that silvers use motorcycles to get around, and when mare is entering the village, there were officers with guns guarding the entrance.
Some things that this book is making me feel is mistreated. This book is making me feel mistreated because mare and all the other reds have to live beneath the silvers and there great powers. Another thing this is making me feels is dreary, because of the bad living conditions, and anxious because I hope that mares living situation gets better .

The settings is that were every thing is dirty and run down, that is where the reds live. Were everything is glittery, high class, and glamorous, that is where the silvers live. This shows that the silvers are higher and better than the reds.


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