Good Life Tour of the Harn By: Carlyle carr

Art and Core Values

This artwork instills passion. The main leader in this piece of art are dressed up completely in their cultured attire and worshiping. I think it is so powerful how a piece can evoke so much emotion. I can definitely appreciate the core value more because of the intense words I hear from this. At first glance it does not say much but after looking at it for awhile the details are very specific. The looks on the watchers face's are so intently watching and in awe of what is happening. It makes me think about something I am so passionate about and my facial expression would be so similar if I was being photographed.

Medium of the Art

Seeing this piece of art in person was by far the coolest art work in the Harn. The design was flawless and the colors were so cool. Online pictures does not do it justice. The shape helped the features of the gems create a shimmering and shiny look. I think the clarity of the design was describing the artists style. I loved being able to see this close up because of its texture. In order to get the full affect, you must see it in person up close. It made me feel connected emotionally because sometimes things seem not so great in pictures but when you see it up close it completely changes your view.

Art and the Good Life

I think the theme represented here is Celebrating the Good Life. Stepping back from your average day, we can notice the beauty in the creation and nature. Being outside is absolutely beautiful. I think its important to celebrate the beauty around us every now and again. The painter did such a great job of picking some of the prettiest parts of nature and delicately painting them. This artwork adds so much to my understanding of Celebrating because celebrating doesn't always have to be something that everyone else is celebrating it could be just you seeing the beauty in the stream. It can be whatever we personally make it.

Design of the museum

The gardens out back were one of my favorite parts of this museum tour. This huge tree pictured above was magnificent. The design the architects had to purposefully put this tree here was perfect for the feel of the entire garden. It is the focal point and draws attention for people to come outside and look. It is a piece of art in itself. This exhibit makes me feel blessed that trees are still growing and not all destroyed. It is incredible to see a tree this pretty be standing in the middle of a museum.
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Carlyle Carr


Photos By Carlyle Carr

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