Thrasher Magazine by Jesse Espinoza

Kevin Thatcher one of three founders and the first thrasher editor
Eric Swenson (far left) two of three founders R.I.P. committed suicide in 2006 by shooting himself in front of police station in San Francisco.
Fausto Vitello two of three founders R.I.P. April 22nd, 2016 while riding his bike with his best friend.
first thrasher magazine
last thrasher magazine of 81 they started having original ideas in there magazine for example calendars and started to include music articles like The Big Boys, Iggy Pop, Bow Wow Wow and the Chromatics
The next year the magazines went up by 25 cents and included what they like to call Photograffiti which featured really good photography showing skaters searching for world wide skate spots.
Skating in Czechoslovakia and Houston, one thing Thrasher is known for is always having issues where they skate in different countries and cultures. As well in this year as you can see they went up 25 cents. They also started to use more colors as you can see in their magazine and photography.
In the 90's they started using more graphics in their magazine, even on the covers for example with pop art and word art, as well as continuing to feature music and bands like Megadeth in this issue.
Thrasher in 2002 they started having their thirteenth edition of the year that would feature their special photo issues, and this was on the first times they would change up their logo a bit with the flames.
in 1990 they started the skater of the year feature first feature being someone most of you will know Tony Hawk
latest three magazine covers
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