Italy by emmett young

Here in America we eat pizza with our hands but in Italy they eat pizza with a fork and a kinfe.

Like most countries in Europe, Italy plays football.

The leaning tower of Piza is a hisotical land mark it was just a normal tower the the pople that made it noticed that it was going to fall so the put wires to make it stay up but they kept it leaning

The currencey in Italy is the uro.

The leader of italy now is Sergo Mattarella

Italy is a penusila that is shaped like a boot kicking a rock

Today italy is getting swarmed by immagrents

In Italy they speak many langues

In Italy there were gladiadors

leonardo da vinci was born in italy and he is called a renisons person he envented, panted, and experimeted

this might cech your eye this is a rerrari they where first invented in italy

this is st peter's basillica its the pope's house and that big courtyard is where the does speaches and belleseings

this is pasta that is very famouse in italy grone with patos in italy

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