The Great Depression By: cynamon jenrette

The first president at the beginning of the depression.

From 3% to 25% of jobs lost. The unemployment went up greatly.

Soup kitchens where added all over the place for those without jobs. Homes opened up. Almost everywhere in the cities opened up.

This was the time the economy crashed. Almost a forth of workers out of jobs. Not enough money to help out.

When the stocks bottomed out they where about 90% under there highs.

Numbers going down poverty going up. During the Great Depression everyone was falling not just americans.

Congress lost stalk and money. They where being sucked down the drain with everyone else.

These are some of the causes to what happened. No money no workers. With out those the banks where all about to shut down.

This was the day we all lost $14 billion dollars. This made the loss for the week $30 billion dollars.

He was the president at the end of the depression and regained faith to the citizens.

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