Who is RW Garcia? Genelle Chetcuti V.P. Marketing

Now in our 37th year of operation and well-established as a national brand, I have vague memories of my 12 year old self and my brothers distributing chips out of the back of our family van. In the early 80’s Frito-Lay dominated the chip market and my parents, Robert William (RW) and Margaret Garcia, had a snack epiphany. They saw a market opportunity for healthier, higher quality snacks without additives and preservatives. They believed (and still do) that great tasting can be good for you, a concept which remains the cornerstone of our family run business to this day.

Although deemed by some as a “conventional” brand due to our long-time presence in conventional grocery stores, RW Garcia is actually a pioneer in the development of products that meet or exceed expectations of Natural grocery. In fact, we were doing “natural” from the very beginning. Our leadership and innovation in natural snack foods is evidenced by many factors which initially drove consumers to our brand and continues to attract steadfast loyal consumers 37 years later.

Taste/Texture/Nutritional Value: We are living in a golden age of buzzwords and phrases such as minimally processed, clean, plant-based, etc., however, according to many reports on snack trends for 2019, flavor reigns as the most important driver for brand loyalty. At RW Garcia we take pride in the fact that we have always been ahead of the trends and an innovator in the snack category. We have always delivered on taste and crunch and have provided products with enhanced nutritional value since our inception. In fact, we were creating clean, plant-based products long before those were words that consumers were familiar with. Our trendsetting efforts also extend to our ingredients; we were one of the first to market with blue chips in 1987, added flaxseed, sesame and other ancient grains in 1990, developed a line of delicious gluten-free crackers in 2000, and we started the ball rolling on chips and crackers with vegetable inclusions long before the snack aisle was overflowing with them!

Wholly Integrated Manufacturing: In 1995, on the heals of initial success with the RW Garcia brand, we invested in our own manufacturing facilities which, to this day, are entirely controlled by our amazing operations team, giving us the upper hand in controlling all aspects of production and maintaining consistent product quality. Our brand truly is Farm to Shelf – as we control the procurement of materials, the manufacturing of the product, and the quality you will find on the shelf at your local retailer.

Sustainability: To some, the word sustainability might fall into the buzzword classification, as it is so excessively used these days, but at RW Garcia we are truly committed to sustainability and nothing is ever wasted. Not only do we want to make the world’s tastiest and healthiest snacks, we also want to make the world a little better place to snack in. Here’s how:

  • Any excess corn that doesn’t get processed into finished goods is donated for livestock feed, pet food manufacturing, or bio-fuel conversion.
  • We use or recycle 100% of the cooking oil we buy.
  • All cardboard and scrap metal are recycled.
  • We utilize a water filtration system to recycle water used in manufacturing.

GMO’s/Transparency: We source the highest quality organic and non-GMO stone-ground corn that we artistically combine with veggies, seeds, and seasonings to create our innovative snacks. Staying steadfast to our family values of making artisan, high quality products led us to become the first Non-GMO Project Verified snack company back in 2009. Today our dedication to authenticity and transparency remains stronger than ever with two generations of our family working for our company.

Giving Back: At RW Garcia we believe in giving back to our consumers and our community. We donate to a diverse group of charitable organizations and food banks. We also work very closely with non-profits interested in raising awareness for healthy, environmentally conscious, and socially responsible food choices.

So, when you ask “Who is RW Garcia?” the short answer is that we are an established trail blazer in both the conventional and natural product snack trade. With over 35 years of delivering on our mission to consistently bring healthy, innovative, high-quality snacks to consumers worldwide, we continue to reinforce the foundations of our brand - inspiring ourselves and others to snack healthy and snack delicious!

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