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At SPOILT, we want to provide healthy adolescents who are ready to take care of their bodies with high quality hygiene products. Today, social media is becoming a crucial component to any company's success. In addition, adolescents have been subject to an increasing number of beauty-related societal pressures that can damage their self-esteems. We have discovered that within our company, the provision of social media outlets can allow for teenagers to connect and utilize our brand not only to pamper their skin, but to also learn how to become comfortable within it.

(Above is an image of Spoilt's official logo)

Our Social Media Branding Strategy: The Forum of SPOILT

Today's youth is becoming increasingly involved with social media. They love to share, like, and comment on the photos that their peers are posting and utilize these platforms to connect with those who they follow. By harnessing the youth's passion for social media, SPOILT decided that creating a forum would be essential and would allow for the company to create its personal brand. As a company of hygiene products, self-esteem is an important issue, because beauty products should work to help adolescents feel more beautiful and effectively, more comfortable with themselves. However, we acknowledge that young adults are still hitting puberty and in effect are continously experiencing changes in their bodies which could easily lead them to become insecure. By opening up the forum, clients who may have esteem issues will have the ability to connect with others like them. Here teenagers from different ages, ethnic origins, nationalities, religions, and social groups will create content that will promote our brand and will provide with insight into what the customer really wants. Therefore, this forum will benefit both the customers and the company, as it could help young adults cope with their ever-changing bodies in this crucial time and also allow for our company to collect data and information regarding out clientele.

(The images above display a group of teenagers opening threads of discussion on our forum and interacting with others just like them across the web)

Registration for the Forum

In order to post on the forum, each person should register with his/her email and provide some basic personal information. This email list will provide the company the possibility to diffuse information regarding promotions directly to their most active clients, which will enhance customer loyalty and strengthen customer relationships. Additionally, the threads opened on the forums will be beneficial to the company as they will be able to tract customer feedback and the sentiments shared in regards to the service on the forums. The activity of recurring customers who post continously on forums will help the company to loosely estimate the quantity of orders that will be placed monthly. This could attribute to an optimization of inventory and could open the possibility of providing further customized orders. Those who are the most active upon the forums and who interact the most with other young adults, answering their questions or helping guide them in their attempts to resolve their personal insecurities, will be rewarded with special promotions and discounts. Our philosophy as a company will be to encourage the use of this general forum and specific hygiene-related threads to boost self-esteem. The internet is often associated with negative attacks upon the self-esteem of teenagers and we want to be pioneering in the effort to change this by providing a safe space during this growing period. Through this forum we hope to position our brand as one with social responsibility as we want everyone to be comfortable in their own skin and to realize the importance of acceptance.

Self-Esteem Is Key!

The engaging video below highlights how important SPOILT believes high self-esteem to be!

Search Engine Optimization

For this business, assessing traffic increase will be approached with an SEO centerd in powerful backlinks, content-marketing, and mobile optimization. First, in regards to powerful backlinks SPOILT will partner with organization's websites that are centered around empowering today's youths. An example of this type of website could be "One Young World" or "Upworthy", both of which provide inspiring and relevant content for youths. By backlinking our website with theirs we will be able to enduce more traffic upon our own forums, increasing our customer base and popularity. Second, by developing a content-marketing strategy, we will be able to target key words utilized frequently within our forums. By focusing on these specific words we will be able to increase the rank of our webpage in regards to different web search engines. This will increase the likelihood of teens stumbling across our web forums and finding that they enjoy the concept that we have created. Finally, mobile optimization will essentially be a crucial component for the success of our forums as they will mainly attract youthful users, most of whom conduct their web searches from their mobile devices. Optimizing the mobile-version of our webpage will in effect provide a smooth and enjoyable experience for the thread readers or contributers, incentivizing them to return and even boosting the chances that they will purchase our products.

Optimizing Conversion Rates

A good way to initiate positive conversion rates, begins with an understanding of your audience. The key is to comprehend who is going to be the main audience of the forum that will be developed. In the case of SPOILT's forum, this target segment will mostly be teenagers/young adults. Finding the critical motivation that teens have to understand and tend to their bodies will be the critical motivation during the sales process. In effect, this part of the strategy acknowledges that young adults are looking for advice when taking control of their hygiene needs and this customer behavior is a crucial element to optimizing conversion rates.

When optimizing our content, we will be able to increase conversion rates. Therefore, the implementation of a content strategy will involve one that allows for SPOILT to focus on gathering information upon topics related to the industry of health and body care. This will enhance the forum's ability to answer frequently asked questions and address relevant "hot topics" being discussed. The fact that users will be able to quickly and easily access information and interact with others in the same situation as them will better our customer relationships and boost these conversion rates.

(The forums will provide for many youths to share their voices)


In conclusion, Spoilt’s customer oriented social media strategy uses empowered young adults’ voices to reach higher audiences. With the use of a forum, we will be able to create our own online identity and increase conversion rates, which will be latterly shown in the company’s profits. The forum will bring forth young voices to be heard and will work to better understand the customer base and optimize the company’s operations management. Through an accurate Search Engine Optimization strategy, the company will increase traffic within the webpage and this will work as a means of brand positioning, with the use of keywords to higher the rank in search engines as well as backlinking with organizations that have good reputations. Moreover, focusing on the main target and its consumer behavior will be the key to achieving a higher appeal to those viewing the forum which will lead to a better reputation for the company.

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