Earth A Webquest to protect our home


Often, people fail to take care of Earth. This is unfortunate because Earth is our home. People can take care of Earth by doing simple things, such as: recycling, not destroying natural forests, and not littering, etc. With that being said the point of this WebQuest is for students to explore what exactly happens to our planet when it is not taken care of. The students will investigate ways to protect the planet and look at air quality in different places throughout the world.


The students will be able to list at least 5 ways that they specifically can improve Earth's condition.

Through researching a city the student will understand the air quality of that city and how it could be improved and the importance of it.

Students will be able to distinguish human made disasters and natural disasters 4 out of 5 times correctly, and then explain the impact the disasters have on our planet


• Each student will be work with a partner and research the air quality of an assigned a city

• The students will then conduct further research that explains why the air quality is the way it is (good, okay, or bad)

• Students will find specific ways to support a healthy Earth

• Individually, each student will list five things he or she can personally do that will help the condition or Earth (car pool, use less electricity, recycle, etc.)

• Once the research is completed, students will share what they have learned via Google doc


Step 1: Make a Google doc

Step 2: Then each student will research independently and then collaboratively share what each person found

Step 3: After the student has been assigned their city to research they will look up the air quality and figure out what is supporting the air quality of that particular city

Step 4: The student will decide if they think the air quality of the city could be improved and explain why or why not

Step 5: Next, the student will think about the ramifications from natural disasters and man made disasters

Step 6: Students will examine matters that are harming Earth as well as ways to protect Earth

Step 7: After researching methods to preserve the planet, the students will reflect on ways that they specifically can maintain the Earth

Step 8: Finally, students will reflect on the importance of maintaining Earth and collaboratively add it to the class blog


After this project students will have developed a knowledge on why it is important to take care of the planet. They will have researched practical ways in which they can take part in protecting the planet, and hopefully apply it. Students will also have gained information on air pollution in various cities.


Students will have made a creative presentation of their research. The research must be accurate and well thought out. To show what the students learned they will answer the following reflective questions in an essay then post it to the class blog.

1. Did the researched city have good or poor air quality?

2. What could be done differently to improve the air quality?

3. Why are man made changes and why are they bad for Earth?

4. The student will list at lest five things that they can do differently to promote a healthy environment

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Michelle Discher


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