My Personal Narrative By Tyler R.

My Personal Narrative

The tube feels rough on my dry body as i’m about to get wet. We take off and the breeze blows my hair backwards. The tube swings and we go outside of the wake, my foot hits the water and i get soaked. After we get back on the wake and we go around for a calm lap. Then when we get around we are in our bay area and we immediately get swung out of the wake. He’s going around for a toilet bowl i say to my cousin next to me, my cousin replied with yeah!. We get whipped and we are headed right toward the waves, we hit the wave thud! The tube goes down uneasy and the tube makes a strange sound. But we are still on the tube, even though the water soaked me up like a towel. Now that me and my cousin are soaked so when we go fast the wind is really really freezing!. But then we go around the island again and this lap is almost all hard whips, (where the driver takes sharp turns when you least expect it). But we are still on and still going. I kick the water it kicks up on my wet body,

Whipped outside the wake

now that i'm already wet it feels good. We go around for one more lap and that's all we stop in our bay area and jump in the boat. Now it's my other cousin and my brothers time to go. My uncle rob goes harder on them since my brother is a junior in high school and ryan m other cousin is a freshmen in high school, me and my cousin trevor are the same age, and emily is a 4th grader my other cousin she does not like to go tubing. Right away we are off and he already does a toilet bowl thud! The wave smacked the tube and it sends ryan flying off me and trevor laugh.


That's it for today so we head in and go up to my grandma and grandpa's house and eat some lunch, i have salome ham and butter.


Tubing is not just about inflating a tube, it's about having fun and spending time with family. We do not get to do this very often. Tubing is fun, memorable and something i'll remember my whole life.

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