Feelings and toughts A road to different cultures

I wanted to start with photos. Photos tells you more than I can write here.

I have learned much about leadership in other countries and maybe also learned to see the good and bad sides on my own leadership style. We all can't be excellent leaders right away, but for my sight, we all can learn to be. It's important to know a background of cultures in business meetings. Reading the texts from moodle, specially "When cultures collide" was interesting. It was written in reader-friendly way even that book was massive.

Here is fun "joke" about how meetings are opened in other countries. Do you agree? I agree with how the meetings are started in Finland, coffee is an important cultural tradition in Finland. Just love coffee! :)

Waiting for share ideas of leadership, management, life experiences on different work places in Russia, Finland etc. Getting and giving new ideas. We can't learn all from text so that's why i really like that we are going to Russia for real. To see, hear and learn.


Created with images by Follow Your Nose - "Pebbled stone walk" • Dave_S. - "Finnish Birch forest in winter" • 2benny - "Church on the Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg" • TeroVesalainen - "handshake hand give" • jarmoluk - "education a good idea an array of"

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