Hello to you,

We write to you from our end of the world, where the earth ends and where everything begins, where a handful of joyful, lively and moving irreducible has a constant desire to meet other joyous ones!

We like to move, dance, sing, play, ... we have strong interests for contact improvisation, free dance, massage, sensory experiences, meditation on human relations ...

That's why we invite you to our Happy Body Festival!

What is a "joyful body"? You imagine a body to whom you offer a greater space for freedom, closer to its sensations, emotions, instincts, a more refined feeling of its needs, desires: Do you see the trick? We extend our possibilities, we untie our body, our voice, our spirit, our speech... we are freed from the pressure of time, our worries, our permanent computer connections, we breathe more and better !

This can be translated of course by various and varied jams, massages, vocal improvisation, a slow day, transform us into "children flowers", dynamic meditations, ecstatic dance, an oil bath and/or mud but also, why not, abandoning your mobile phone for the week with a common call number for whom need to be joined and lots of other things to invent ...

And concretely, what is going on?

The principle will be to create, over 6 days from 3rd to 9th July, our "Festival of the Happy Body" during which will be proposed a patchwork of different structures in connection with the themes mentioned above.

Each day may have three indicative slots 10 am to 1 pm - 3 pm to 6 pm - 8 pm to 11 pm and also time for improvisation !

These proposals of 3-hour sessions will be moderated in a workshop by different speakers who are also participants and who will be co-opted by the group in presentation circles.

So this is a program that we are going to create together in a framework that we propose to you.

More precisely :

The adventure will involve about 35 people, of which ten will also be speakers who would benefit from a reduced price on the festival. Most of the teachers will be french speaking, translated into english.

The full fee is : 250 € ! (for your information, meals cost 130 € for 6 days)

This festival will be held in Saint Jean du Doigt near Morlaix, very close to the sea, the place is beautiful and rich in potential. The accomodation would be made in the camp-site (6 € / night) very close to the studio, or to the inhabitant in proximity. The studio is superb, large, very bright with a beautiful floor that looks at the sea ... Vegetarian and / or vegan food will be prepared by a caterer ...

In short, the idea is to have fun in every detail!

We thought of you because you have already taken part in one of our courses, or because one of us knows you, met you in a workshop, knows your specific skills and your taste for human adventures.

Would you like to participate in this experience?

See you soon,

The Joyful Body Festival team

A bunch of possibilities

Contact Improvisation workshops

Jams, Blind jams, jams on the shore, jams in the water

Tango contact

Ecstatic danse session

Jams in the oil and/or in the mud

Body painting

Life art process

Sensory blind walk in the nature 

Sensory massage

Slowness experiences

Voice and movement...

Association Graines de Soi

19, rue du Château


Mail : contact@grainesdesoi.com

Web : www.grainesdesoi.com

Created By
Graines de Soi


Christian Neher; Patrick Créac'h

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