Nailer ''Blood isn't destiny"

A song that Nailer would listen to would be Win by Brain Mcknight. This describes Nailer because its about never giving up no matter how bad things get. Its about never losing hope and never losing courage.
My name is Nailer. I used to work on light crew for a big boss man. I currently live under my dad's roof which isn't much. My mom died when I was young and so I don't have much memory of her. My dad was most affected by her death. My dad is Ann alcoholic and a drug addict. He never really took good care of me so I usually fend for my self. My closest friend would have to be Pima. We have been through a lot together. I have even spent some rough nights at her house. My family isn't rich infant we are some of the poorest. My dad spends most of our money on alcohol. Since I don't have a job anymore we are running out of what we have left. Luckily me and Pima have found a clipper ship worth tons. Only problem is my dad wants it to.
A while ago back when I was still light crew I was rushing to get the remaining copper wire from the inside of the ship. I badly needed clean air. I decided I would leave the copper and come back and grab it. That's when the duct collapsed. I freefell into a warm liquid below. I tried to swim in it but it was nearly impossible. When I tried to grasp a copper wire my hand slipped. That's when I realized I was in oil. I strongly clung to the wire thinking about what to do. I figured i was in some kind of oil resurve . I tried calling out but got no response. I was sliding around the edge of the room looking for a way out. That's when I heard a voice. Unfortunately it was sloth who was out for my job. She ignored me and continued on her job. Since I was ok my own I had to find a way out. I kept diving into the oil looking for a door. Eventually I found one and forced it open. I was thrown out of the room into the ocean.
Some of Nailers skills include being clever, brave, small, quiet walking, smart, cunning, and quick thinking. He enjoys being with his friends and eating a full meal. He likes to just sit on the beach and just listen to the water and. It worry about anything


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