Dogs are very likeable characters. Dogs have much better sense of smell than humans, dogs can smell up to 40 feet underground. Also dogs have much more sensitive hearing than us, they can hear 4 times the distance of a human with normal hearing. Dogs can hear things from 50-100 feet away. Your dog is as smart as a 2-year old toddler.

If dogs' tails are wagging to the right can mean they're happy, but over to the left could mean they're frightened. If it is just wagging really fast normally means they're excited. Its an old myth that dogs can see in black and white. Although they see differently to humans, they're still able to detect strains on yellow and blue and are only red- Green colour blind.

Dogs paws can be smelly, but with good reason- their sweat glands are located on the pads on their paws.

Dogs are the oldest pet animal in the world and there currently over 200 pure bred dogs. Dogs belong to the canine family, which includes: Coyotes, dogs, foxes, jackals and of course, wolves. There are approximately 525 million pet dogs around the world !

What do dogs eat?

On average, a dog needs about 30 calories per pound every day, though larger breeds only need about 20 calories per pound. Smaller breeds need approximately 40 calories per pound. puppies are slightly different. To satisfy their bodies need 50 calories per pound every day. They also require more protein. Despite the fact that dogs are omnivorous, some foods such as, chocolate, mouldy cheese, onions garlic and grape are toxic to them.

The smallest breed of dog is a Chihuahua. These tiny Mexican dogs weigh an average of 4-6lbs.

The biggest breed of dogs is the Great Dane. Females weigh 100-150lbs and males are 130-180lbs.

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