Germany By wyatt bendure

This is Adolf Hitler one of the if not the most recognized dictators in the world for leading the third reich

This is called a swastika this is the flag for the German third Reich lead by Hitler from 1933 - 1945

During world war 2 Hitlers army was trying to take over Poland.

Guess what languages Germans speak mainly.... GERMAN! German is a very spit consisting language so u better have a drink on hand.

Germany has a very beatiful landscape including lowlands, highlands, and rivers.

Agriculture accounts for only a small part of gross domestic production in Europe, and it is considered that the overall vulnerability of the European economy to changes that affect agriculture is low. However, agriculture is much more important in terms of area occupied, and rural population and income.

Germany`s currency is the euro, 1 euro is equivalent to 1.04 in usd.


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