Grey hound racing by tom bourke


Greyhound racing should be banned because it is cruel, there is drugging and doping involved and due to the illegal live baiting that occurs.


Isn’t it disgusting what people do for money. What people do to grey hounds is disturbing. They get abused tortured left in small cages and murdered. Over seventy thousand healthy grey hounds are killed every year just because there to slow


Rumours of dog’s bean drugged with cocaine, caffeine, and steroids. This has been happening for years. In January 2015 western Australian trainer Linda Briton was suspended for after pleading guilty of doping dogs with steroids only days later industry officials awarded her the title of western Australia


Live baiting is the practice of using live animals for the purpose of training greyhounds. This practice is illegal in all states and territories in Australia but still happens. The animals involved suffer horrific pain, fear, injury and distress and will eventually die. The same animals may be used repeatedly, suffering a very long and painful death. This must stop!

Therefore due to cruelty, drugging and doping and live baiting GREYHOUND RACING MUST BE BANNED. To help you can never put a bet on greyhound racing and write to your local member of parliament.


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