Welcome to Sunset Valley Wellness Spa resort By:Denayha Cotton

Sunset Valley
Main Theme

Holistic healing is the over all theme of Sunset valley. Our color scheme is sunset yellow, gold, white and violet . Representing purity and a higher level of thinking. Our wellness spa harmonizes both the healing and relaxing aspects of holistic treatment. Aligning together to create an experience that will never be forgotten. What makes our wellness spa stand out from all the others is our own on call traveling massage therapist happy to travel to visit those who cannot leave their homes to receive treatment.However those looking to book a stay at our wellness resort will receive a free consultation upon arrival to create a custom treatment plan to achieve your wellness goals.

Our hotel
Come stay with us

Each client will have the full wellness spa experience. Enjoying our holistic luxury treatment custom to each client is a vacation that will be remembered. Here at Sunset valley we have everything a client could want from friendly a staff to luxurious amenities.

  • Spa area
  • Valet parking (optional)
  • Fitness area
  • Free wifi
  • Complementary breakfast
  • Privategarden
  • coffee center with complimentary Nespresso capsules
  • Safe deposit box
  • Air Conditioning
  • Mini fridge in all rooms
  • CD & DVD Players
  • Sat TV in all rooms
  • Handicap ramp
  • Elevator
  • Twice Daily Maid Service.
  • Bar
About Our Spa

Here at Sunset Valley's wellness spa resort we have a variety of treatment options.Each one chosen by you will be included in your package. There may be an eligibility to receive reduced pricing on your package through certain different forms of insurance. please call (1800)-234-7569 for further assistance

Types of massages

Swedish massage- enjoy a stress relieving Swedish massage. (60 min-$75 or 90 min.-95)

Deep tissue massage-relieve chronic muscle tension with our deep tissue massage( 60 min. -$90 or 90 min.-$ 120)

Hot stone Massage- Melt all your stress away with a soothing hot stone massage. (60 min. -$95 or 90 min. -$125)

Cold stone massage- Reduce arthritis pain and balance out energy levels with a reinvigorating cold stone massage.(60 min.-$95 or 90 min.-125)

Pregnancy massage-Take time to relax and ease away all the stress of early motherhood with a soothing pregnancy massage. (60 min. -$75 or 90 min. -$95)

Chair massage- Want to relax on the go? Then enjoy our time oriented chair massage. (15 min-$20 or 30 min.-$35)

Shiatsu massage- Enjoy a energy restoring shiatsu massage.(30 min. $75 or 60 min. $95)

Infant massage- Give your baby's senses a kick start with our light pressured infant massage.* Parents must stay in the room while massage is occurring!( 15 min.$ 75 or 30 min. $80)

Holistic Healing

Amongst our staff we have Naturopaths, Herbologist , Aromatherapist and Chiropractors that are available during the day.* Each client must make and appointment. ( charges may vary!)

Specialty treatments

Pink Himalayan salt scrub- Detox and improve hydration with our pink Himalayan salt scrub.* spa shower included ( 25 min-$50 or 35 min.-$60)

Seaweed wrap- Tone and moisturize skin with our all natural seaweed wrap!* spa shower included( 25 min-$50 or 35 min.-$60)

Clay masks- rejuvenate and moisturize skin with the clay masks or your choice!( 25 min-$50 or 35 min.-$60)

Aromatherapy- Give your body the essential oils it craves with your custom blend made right here at sunset valley wellness spa just for you!( $100)

Whirl pool hot tub- enjoy a relaxing soak in our whirl pool hot tube after your spa treatments.($65)

Swimming pool- Enjoy fun for the whole family at our swimming pool open to all guest. ( *Free)

Energy work

Reiki Attunement- Feeling off centered? Get your balance back with an attunement. ( $95)

Crystal healing-crystal healing is a pseudo scientific holistic technique that uses the vibrating energy in crystals and stones to balance out unsteady vibrations in the body.($95)

Comfort touch- This is a soothing palliative care technique that can be used on anyone. however it is geared toward terminally ill clients who are high in vitality. (Lmt-15 min. -$75 or 30 min.-$85)*those who are not feeling high in vitality are advised to seek out our travel massage therapist agency for their comfort touch massage!( Travel LMT-15 min. $95 30 min.-$175)

Chi Gong classes- "Life Energy Cultivation") it's a holistic system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for health, spirituality, and martial arts training.($125 per class)

Yoga classes-improve flexibility, muscle tone and energy vitality with out beginners-expert yoga classes. ($95 per class)

Traveling services amenities

Sunset valley wellness spa specializes in adaptability for our clients specific needs. Our traveling services allow us to reach out to all of our community. By going to those who cannot come to us. This new adaptation in our world wide wellness resorts shows the emphatic heart of our founder. We care deeply for our clients just as she does and by doing so we have successfully set ourselves apart from every other wellness spa in the world.

Swedish massage- enjoy a stress relieving Swedish massage. (60 min-$85 or 90 min.-105)

Deep tissue massage-relieve chronic muscle tension with our deep tissue massage( 60 min. -$100 or 90 min.-$ 130)

Pregnancy massage-Take time to relax and ease away all the stress of early motherhood with a soothing pregnancy massage. (60 min. -$75 or 90 min. -$95)

Comfort touch- This is a soothing transfer of energy palliative care technique that can be used on anyone. however it is geared toward terminally ill clients.( Travel LMT-15 min. $95 or 30 min.-$175)

Dietary Amenities

Each client will meet with Naturopathic physician upon arrival in the court yard gardens. During this consultation they will discuss the clients health history and any conditions they may have and together they will build a meal plan fit for each client.

Equality for all

The comfort and security of our clients and staff come first. We work hard to keep this resort a safe and welcoming space. Bullying will not be tolerated any agitators will be removed from the premises and not given a refund for payment.We take pride in our resort being considered a safe haven. During the consultation each client will be given a second and final warning and must sign a binding contract agreeing to do their to maintain Sunset Valley's reputation as a judgement free zone.

To all returning clients we thank you for the opportunity to welcome you back as family once again. We will do our best to make each return better than the last

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