ABC of Africa

A.Africa. 1.It is where they live. 2.They get there supply of salt.

B.Berber. 1. nomadic tripe in Africa.2.they are a pre-Arab group.

C.coco. 1. It is a powder.2. it gives flavor to drinks.

D.dancing. 1. it i a tradition in Africa. 2.utilized symbol.

E. Ebola. 1. it is a disease in Africa. 2. It is very deadly to humans.

F. Fla-due. 2. experince of god. religious person that worships god..

G. Gama. 1. He was a warrior. 2. he was part of Africans protection.

H. HIV . 1. it is a death problem u can like die from. 2. it can kill u.

I. Islam. 1. religion. of communist.

J. Johannesburg. 1. they can get goods from there. 2. it has supply they need.

K.killjauana. 1. group. 2. they were warriors.

L.Lavender. 1. it is a house. 2. food and water.

M.molly empire. She was a leader. she ruled the land.

N.Nile river.1. huge river. 2. they get some there water supply there.

O.Oil. 1. use it for cars and hings.2. it is a resource they have.

P. pharo. 1. leader. is a empire.

Q.q,uarn. 1. book of Islam. 2.has there religous prayres

R.rorondon genocide. was a group.2. what a group did to another.

S. salt. Huge impact on trade was used for numorious things.

T.timito. A group. they hunted.

U.uda. insterment they was for music for when they danced.

V.Victoria falls.water fall. huge lake or ocean.

W.Water. it is a water resourse. it is for drinking.

X.xose. It is a trade group.They help with trading.

Y.yue. it is a languge. it is basicly like a culture.

Z.zulu. triple group. they also do trades for like salt and things.

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