Song Lyrics Awkward - san cisco

Why do the stars fall at night?

Well are you here?

I got your message last night

You didn't get mine 'cause you've been calling me for days

Why do you hold on so tight?

What do you fear?

I got your message last night

You didn't get mine 'cause you've been calling me for days

Da da da da da da da da da...

I wouldn't have gone to dinner

If I knew that you'd agree with everything I say

I left a message last night

You haven't called back I've been calling you for days

I have my keys at the gate

My mind is made up to make a quick escape

I left a message last night

You haven't called back I've been calling you for days

Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo...

I saw you at dinner last night

You were holding his hand I've been watching you for days

I thought I saw you last night

Get out of my life you've been stalking me for days

Da da da da da da da da da...

What type of text is it? What is its title? Website address?

This text is a song lyric and the title is Awkward by San Cisco.

Who are the primary and secondary target audiences? (age, gender, ethnicity, interests ect.)

The primary target audience are people of any genders who like music, which is catchy and have simple lyrics. Since the lyrics uses simple, direct language it shows that this song could be targeting a young audience who prefer modern music, as modern music contains more repetitive lyrics as well as shorter lines. The tune of the song is not very fast with lots of beats it shows that the audience of the song couldn’t be a very young audience of 7-12.

What is the text’s primary purpose and secondary purposes?

The text primary purpose is to convey a story in a song about a man who is stalking a girl and girl runs away to escape from the man. The purpose of the song is also to create a scene where you can see the characters in action and what they are doing which is accompanied by the song. The song enhances the lyrics of the song to give it a certain mood and emotion. The secondary purpose is

What contextual aspects of the text are important?

The song was written by a Australian band who writes indie pop music, which explains for the repetative and short lyric length. The concept behind the song as quote the main singer of the band "It's a bit of a weird story about a stalker, involving me and Scarlett. It's completely made up". Knowing this is important to the purpose behind the song.

What important language/ linguistic devices contribute to the text’s purpose?

Using repetition of onomatopoeia “do, da”, the writer of the song creates the catchy feature of the song. Repetition makes the text more catchy and easier to remember. The onomatopoeia contributes to the musical part of the song lyric. There are rethorical questions as well as 'real' questions included in this song to make it seem that the two singers in this song are questioning and anwering each other like as though there is a conversation going on between each other, and we, as the audience, are listening in and learning about the story that happens between them.

Is phonology important?

It is important as the song lyric needs to 'work' with the song. If the words doesnt sound good with the song it makes the song sound weird, which will then cause the song to lose its luster.

Is syntax important?

Syntax is important here as since this is a song, the lyrics should be short so that the song is catchy, not complicated. Usually songs are written the same way as poems with then exception of certain songs such as raps which sometimes are able to squeeze long lines of text into songs.

Is grammar important?

The grammar is usually not that important in songs as it is more important for the words to fit the music.

Other striking features?

There is are themes in this song which are relationship and love.

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