Global Warming A.K.A. 60 in January By: Sean Haughey

Global Warming is the idea that the Earth's temperatures have risen and continue to increase over time. Obviously, this results in many negative impacts for the inhabitants of this planet since temperature has been such a constant factor for the evolution of many different species. However, it is clear that the temperatures associated with each season are no longer a constant factor. Yesterday, for example, I was onlooking onto the pond near my backyard and couldn't help but notice the geese who floated on the unfrozen water on the contrary to the belief that the pond would be frozen over in January. Do these animals notice the warmer temperature in such cold month in the past. Then, later that day, as I drove to practice, I felt the sun rays that entered my window and observed the temperature reading of 60 degrees beneath the dashboard. I say to those that are too ignorant to notice this obvious change of temperature that the temperatures will only continue to rise and someday you may understand the climate change. But then again, I may be wrong. My hesitance to the issue of global warming lies in the possibility of a climate event known as "El Nino" refers to a time period of about a year and a half that entails a period of warmer temperatures. Well, if North America is in an "El Nino" event then... the temperatures are rising... Either way, the issue of global warming can only be substantiated or argued against with time.

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