Volcanoes By: Eva Mulholland

WHAT IS A VOLCANO? Volcanoes are openings or vents in the Earths surface where pyroclastic material erupts. They come in many shapes and sizes. There are 4 main classifications; cinder cone, composite, sheild, and lave cone volcanoes.
In a volcano, magma collects and rises in the magma chamber, the place magma is stored. The magma flows through a conduct. Conducts are the "plumbing" of a volcano. It goes up to the vent, where magma erupts from thevolcano. Gases, lava, and pyroclastic material(super heated clouds of volcanic material) are erupted from the vents. Volcanoes are the mountains that are formed from the layers of cooled lava.
Volcanoes look like mountains but are much more dangerous.
Volcanoes form along the boundaries of plates. Many form in the area of the pacific because of the amount of boundaries in this area. This area is known as the Ring of Fire.
Some volcanoes form on hot spots. Hot spots are areas of rising magma within a plate. An example of this is the Galapagos. The islands were formed when a volcanoes erupted under the sea. The islands moved but the hot spot didn't which is why there are so many islands
Volcanoes also form along spreading centers. Spreading centers are places where plates are diverging. Magma comes up and fills these spaces. One example of a spreading center is The Mid Atlantic ridge
Subduction happens when two plates converge. One plate is pushed under the other plate and the downward plate goes down so far it turns to magma and is recycled. Volcanoes form at the leading edge of the top plate.
Eruption style is very important. It is one of the main classification forms when comparing volcanoes. Some only erupt only once while others erupt multiple times. Some volcanoes have an explosive eruption while others just overflow.
This is the Emi Koussi volcano. It is located in Chad and is a pyroclastic shield volcano. It is the highest mountain in Chad and in the Sahara. It's coordinates are 19.7936° N, 18.5519° E. It is has many lava domes and is currently dormant.


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