Researching the Dakota Access Pipeline By Alyssa Marino

As an intern, my job is to persuade my boss at the US Department of Energy that my time should be focused entirely on developing materials related to the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. I have many ideas on how to promote economic growth and accomplish this goal ethically so the problem can be resolved quickly and effectively for the community.

In order for this proposal to go through, many actions will need to be taken place. I will start with advertising throughout the community. I will put up billboards in the area and hang flyers around letting the community know about all of the positive changes that are occurring. The community needs to be well aware of what is happening in regards to the pipeline because they are the ones being affected. I will personally be on the site as much as I can so the construction goes smoothly and gets done in a timely fashion. The Standing Rock Sioux are against the pipeline due to worries about contaminating the water and they think it would "damage and destroy sites of great historic, religious, and cultural significance to the Tribe"(Yan). I will assure them that the U.S Army Corps of Engineers will keep careful watch over the pipeline at all times and steer way of their land. Once the community sees the actions I am taking, they will be reassured that the pipeline will have a positive impact in the community.

  • First we need to start with the engineering report of the pipeline
  • Then we need to make a proposal
  • Design drawings will then be made for the pipeline that don't destroy the burial sites, prayer sites and culturally significant artifacts
  • I will make sure the pipeline provides a safe, more environmental way of moving crude oil compared to other modes of transportation, such as rail or trucks
  • When project issues arise, I will consult the project management plan
  • I will deliver the project management plan to my boss so I can form a good first impression because a good relationship is very critical

I will need all the support I can get from my boss because "It's a $3.3 billion project that crosses four states and changes the landscape of the US crude oil supply"(Yan). My boss should supply this support because "Energy Transfer Partners estimates the pipeline would bring an estimated $156 million in sales and income taxes to state and local governments"(Yan). That is a huge change for the state and local governments that can lead to bigger and better things. The developer also says it will add 8,000 to 12,000 construction jobs"(Yan). There are people all over the world that are looking for jobs and this project would give them that opportunity to work again. Energy Transfer Partners said it has tried to "steer the pipeline away from residential areas and has tried to reach voluntary deals with property owners"at a fair price"(Yan). The Energy Transfer Partners are trying to accommodate with the community because they actually care what people think and want to work with them.

My boss and the board of directors at the Department of Energy should let me focus on promoting economic growth because that is what this country needs. Economic growth means higher average incomes where people can enjoy better standards of living. It will also lower unemployment because positive economic growth firms tend to employ more workers. We can also devote more resources to promoting recycling and the use of renewable resources.


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