Mumps Virus By Jordan bui and aiden higgerson

Scientific Name For Mumps:


The mumps virus is a member of Paramixoviradae, genus Rubulavirus

Ernest William Goodpasture discovered the Virus
The virus was found in Saliva Samples

First discovered in 1914, but has been known since 5th century

Currently, No One Knows the Origin Country of the Virus

The biggest giveaway of Mumps is swelling in the parotid salivary glands

Mumps is spread person to person through contact with respiratory secretions like saliva.

You can also spread it by sharing spoons and forks and if an infected person sneezes and the droplets can aerosolize and be entered through the eyes, mouth, and nose

There is no direct treatment for mumps but you can try to lower the fever with ibuprofen. Another way to help is to put ice on the infected area.

You can prevent mumps with the MMR vaccine

The discovery of Mumps has helped lead to the MMR vaccine which prevents mumps, measles, and rubella. It has also helped our understanding of viruses today and we can now prevent pathogens that are similar to mumps from infecting humans.

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