A Yurt Adventure North San Juan, Ca

a hipcamp adventure

We usually explore local Bay Area parks and trails, but once in a while we venture a bit further and experiment with glamping since Mom can't figure out if she's really ready so we use Hipcamp to find interesting places to stay. It's essentially like AirBnB and VRBO but only for camping sites. you can see our first Hipcamp adventure here.

Mom loves trying out different camping sites with J and my bestie, Bidam. The humans figure it's safer with 2 dogs around - even though we are the biggest babies. This time we ventured about 3 hours north of San Francisco into North San Juan/Nevada City by the South Yuba river.

This time of year (early November) the air is crisp without being too cold for the humans, and perfect for me. It's also really pretty since all the leaves change color.

This property sits at the top of a hill, accessible through a narrow gravel road. It's super quiet here and we had plenty of room to run around outside. There are other private properties around so if you're not so good off leash or don't have good recall, then it's probably not the best idea to run free around here.

The thing about this yurt is that any noise on the roof echoes throughout the entire space so when it was pouring all night the sound of rain drowned everything out; the humans could barely hear each other. I had to howl a lot to get everyone's attention! Now, this may sound relaxing but it kind of became like torture and it was hard to sleep throughout the night. I don't even really like sitting with my humans when they watch tv!

The humans really liked the space since it was cozy, had a surprisingly good heating system (even without the fire stove), and had a fully stocked kitchen. Something they like to do when we go on our weekend adventures is to order a meal kit prep box like Blue Apron beforehand so that everything is already packed and portioned. They don't have to do a lot of grocery shopping, then either. I like it because usually I get to try some of their yummy meals. šŸ˜

For those wondering the bathroom is also pretty spacious with a full standing shower (under the loft space, which is not allowed to be used) and there was plenty of running hot water.

Malakoff diggins state park

You may be asking, what do you do on these weekend excursions? Well, we like to take it easy and enjoy being in nature, so the humans spend a lot of time cooking and just watching me and Bidam play, which is almost all the time - I love it! But other than that, there's movie watching (on a laptop since there's no TV here), and then usually a half day is dedicated to hiking/spending time outdoors. Even with the rain we decided to check out Malakoff Diggins State Historic state park, which was about 30 min away on scenic country roads which were really windy - hope your pups don't get car sick!

The general rule of thumb is that state parks usually forbid dogs altogether or dogs off leash while national forests are generally open to dogs both on/off leash, but it's always worth checking with the ranger/website or other reviews just to make sure.

North Bloomfield

In addition to over 20 miles of trails the park also includes the historic ghost town North Bloomfield, where residents still live (creeeeepppyyyyy!!!). There's a $5 parking fee which gives you access to the entire park and also a guided walking tour (but dogs aren't allowed inside the buildings and must be kept on leash).

The general store and the mythical two-headed dog šŸ˜œ

When we visited there was no one else there except the park ranger. It's a VERY quiet town. But something caught our attention...

Beyond the main street, when you venture into the park towards the trail, there are more buildings, including this church, a school and some more homes.

Passing by the barn and some cabins to find the trailhead...

The rain, fog and changing leaves added a mysterious, creepy mood to the whole experience. There's even a cemetery at the beginning of the trail!

Strolling down main street.

You can check out the park'sĀ website for more information about the town and other activities.

Diggins Loop Trail

This is a dog friendly trail, and since it was cold and rainy, we ended up having it all to ourselves, which was FANTASTIC!

It's about a 3 mile trail with slight elevation but what was most amazing about it is all the different terrains.

The trail starts off as a forest trail with soft packed dirt, pines and lots of mossy tree trunks and rocks.

Then it transforms into gravel trails which are super easy to follow that run alongside the edge of a valley.

We watched the fog roll in.

The trail winds down into the valley where we reached the half way point.

The valley was entirely mud with all the rain which made for a lot slower (and slippery!) hiking and dirty paws!

Just 2 pups in our rain coats crossing a bridge...

Definitely keep an eye out for ticks with all the low brush.

Who says hiking in the rain can't be fun?

Don't forget to look up every once in a while...

Or down!

Mom and J think that if they had to keep us on a leash the whole time it would have actually been a harder hike because of how tight the trail can get, but in nicer weather they could see how it would be a heavily trafficked area. For those who are interested in visiting the park there are cabins on site available for overnight stays that are dog friendly.

By the end of the hike I was so tired I could barely get back into the car! That's when you know you have a happy pup!

There are other dog friendly trails and some by the Yuba river which Mom really wants to explore on nicer days (especially since there are supposed to be a lot of nice hidden swimming holes). You can check out the other trails here if you're interested in exploring all the options.

Your fur parents want to know:

  • Yes, there is parking
  • No, this is technically not an off leash park (but use your judgement)
  • No, this is not a fenced enclosure
  • No, there are no water fountains
  • No, there are no poop bags
  • No, there are no trash bins (on the trail)
  • No, there are no benches (on the trail) but there are in town
  • No, there are no toilets (on the trail) but there are in town

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