Judgement at Nuremburg by Cassandra Gutierrez

the spatial experience: The play was done at the Phillips Center, which is the main theatre in which big productions are done at the University of Florida. Being in the auditorium of such an important center was a reminder of the significance of the film. I was seated towards the top, making it a little more difficult to see the characters in detail, but it allowed me to get a whole feel of the audience's reactions to the actors and how everything works at one. Lights were mostly dim and focused on each speaker, highlighting their importance. For the Good Life, it is about appreciation of the surroundings and really gaining a sense of the environment around you. As the play was not a traditional play and was mostly vocal with multiple people playing multiple roles, it made me have to focus more on every little detail.
The Social experience: I attended the play with my close friend, Jess, and two girls we met that day on the way to the play (kristy and ana). Being with Jess enhanced my experience because she made me more excited for something I admittedly had doubts about. This really shows the power of shared experience because by gaining friends during the experience and while experiencing it with a close friend, that system helps me feel we have a common bond and makes me enjoy things I normally would not enjoy alone. If I were alone, I would have nobody to express my feelings and thoughts of the play to.
The Cultural and Intellectual experience: As the play really showed the horrors of the Nazi regime and the dividing effect it had on society during the Nuremberg trials, it makes me appreciate the society I live in a lot more. Of course, the US still faces some issues with discrimination, but it is to no extent like it was in Germany during the time. I had a friend that was a German exchange student in my junior year of high school, and I remember that when I talked to him about the Holocaust, he was very sensitive and ashamed about the topic. As the play educated me on how the trails themselves went down, it really brought forth how the corruption that occurred at that time had a long lasting effect on the German people.
The Emotional Experience: For me personally, "Judgement at Nuremberg" provided an opportunity for Katharsis in which it made me happier and more thankful for the place I am in now after realizing the true evil that went down during that time period. The Nazi regime and Holocaust is an especially sensitive topic and always has been, but the unique elements of the play straight-forward brought seriousness into the topic.

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