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Every photo you'll see of me has been taken in school. Mainly because I hate photos, especially selfies, but also I really don't have a life beyond school!!!

"These guys are the off brand of us" -William Muraviov

Crater Entertainment Sports Programming Network

This is only the first trimester, which was a crap load of fun. This is my first, as well as my most beloved, classes of the day and Mr. Rogster is the main man behind everything.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe has had a huge influence on why I've wanted to play basketball. Growing up he was like a hero to me and had always been well respected as one of the best among my uncles. My uncles were the ones to show me who Kobe was and admired him just as much as I did. I remember when I was four I would always put on his jersey and set my little Tikes hoop all the way up and dunk on it.

Freaking loved watching these guys

Patrick Willis

I've became a fan of the 49ers ever since this bad man's rookie season. He'll forever be known as on of the greatest MLB's in my book. Willis is currently retired and we are still facing some tough times. SCREW THE SEACHICKENS!!!

My Teams

I'm a sports fanatic, I love watching it as well as supporting my teams. I really only stay on top of the NBA and NFL, but things will change.


Basically School, Sports, and Hip-Hop is all you really need to know about me.


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