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Congratulations to duPont Manual High School's National Merit Finalist!

Student Spotlights

Congratulations to Rebekah Flowers (12th, HSU)! Rebekah is one of our outstanding Louisville Academy students who was the recipient of the UL Porter full scholarship and a finalist for the MLK Scholars Program.
Congrats to Madison Hayden (12th, J&C)! Madison has received the Whitinger Scholarship, the most prestigious scholarship awarded by Ball State University.
Congratulations, Shubh Gupta (11th, MST)! On behalf of your United States senators, The Hearst Foundations and duPont Manual High School we commend you again for having been selected as one of only two student delegates to represent KY at the 59th Annual United States Senate Youth Program.
Congratulations to Shreyas Kar (11th, MST)! Shreyas was chosen for the Prudential Spirit of the Community Award representing our state. The news report stating his contributions to win this award can be found by clicking here.

Counseling Office Updates

9th - 11th Grade Students: During all Crimson Hour Days in March, the counselors will be providing scheduling sessions to help guide you on your course selections for next school year. Click here for the Scheduling Session Calendar.

Coming in March - Club Con Event (virtual room introducing all Manual clubs/organizations)

Coming in April - College Conference Sessions (College essays, Financial Aid, Selective Admissions, HBCU schools, Honors Colleges, Scholarships/Interviews, and Navigating College Applications)

11th Grade: ACT is on April 13. duPont Manual has provided you a free online test prep resource (available for all of our students). Click here

duPont Manual's PTSA Board approved an anti-racism statement on behalf of the PTSA. We are equitable and inclusive and truly serve ALL of our students, staff, faculty, parents, and alumni. In this spirit of this statement, the ad hoc committee on antiracism is offering an opportunity for the Manual community to engage in two book studies – one around Robin DiAngelo's White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism and the other around Joy DeGruy’s Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome – America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing. Click here to register

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duPont Manual's 20th Annual Black History Month Program

Black Excellence Presentation from February 17th is linked below. Students can click the pictures of those profiled to watch videos with short bios.

Mental Health: Tips for Motivation

Break tasks in to manageable chunks—Either by breaking up the assignment itself (i.e. set a goal to do half of it, or 5 out of the 20 questions, etc.) or by setting timers (i.e. work for 30 mins on one assignment then take a short break). It can make each task feel less overwhelming.

Get moving—when feeling low energy or low motivation, get up and move around. Walk up and down your stairs, go get a drink of water, take a walk outside, go to the gym, stream a work out on youtube, do some push-ups, etc.

Give yourself credit for small accomplishments—praise yourself for each task completed. Focusing on the positive will set you up to get more done than worrying about what you haven’t completed.

Take time to do something you love or enjoy

Be gentle with yourself—accept your current feelings and seek support if needed

Ask for help—maybe a teacher, parent or a peer can share some things they do when they aren’t motivated. Your counselors are another great resource!

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College/Career Resources

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JCPS: Envision Equity Magazine on Historically Black Colleges & University Edition - click here

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