Place - Based Lesson By: lindsey goff and stephanie ault

Description of Lesson Plan

  • School: Theodore Roosevelt - Manhattan, Kansas
  • Place: City Park
  • Standards: Man - made versus Natural
  • Objective: Students will be able to differentiate the difference between man – made colors and nature made colors through a presentation of pictures that they have taken.
  • Assessment: Students will present pictures that they took at the park and describe whether the color is man - made or natural.

Why is this relevant to social studies?

  • Uses social studies standards in a relevant manner while connecting students to their community.
  • This lesson does a great job of connecting students to geography by using the landscape right next to their school.
  • This lesson develops their social understanding by highlighting a place near the school.
  • This lesson also lends its hand to improving study and inquiry skills.

How does place play a role?

Theodore Roosevelt is extremely close to many important places in Manhattan. This school is in the heart of the East side of town. With City Park right across the street it was a clear decision as to where we should take our kindergartners. City Park is a staple for the town of Manhattan, Kansas and a place that Manattanites hold close to their hearts. It is the perfect place to take a class of kindergartners to explore.

What did we learn?

  • It is so easy to incorporate place into your lesson plan!
  • Incorporating place into your lesson can be as simple as exploring a statue at your own school.
  • Your town usually has lots of places that tie into social studies.
  • Using place in your lesson can be related into every single social studies discipline.

How did we develop our assessment?

Our assessment seemed to fit seamlessly into our lesson. We had students take pictures of the items they found and it only seemed natural to have them share. Kindergartners LOVE to share everything they know so we thought that it would be perfect to have them present their photos. Due to our assessment format it made sense for us to use a rubric that way we could accurately grade each student.


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