Dragster By alonzo

The History of Drag Racing

Drag racing was born on the dry lake beds in the California deserts. Most drag races took place on unused military runways. Drag racers usually drove 1/4 of a mile, without any safety barriers or regulated track conditions. As the sport grew, the first drag racing super stars emerged. The Albertsons Olds and Dragmaster Dart were the cars to beat.

The Present

Large or small, drag strip owners are facing serious challenges because of all of the rules and regulations required to do business. The NHRA fuel classes shortened the racing distance to 1000 feet. Eighth-mile racing has become popular because its the only accessible track to many racers. Modern day drag strips face the same challenges that other tracks have faced over the years. Luckily, organizations such as the SEMA, go to bat for the auotomotive aftermath industry and have been quite successful in keeping the hot rod and drag racing community on good terms with government regulations.

The future

Electric cars would make great drag racers. There is one reason why: torque. Electric motors make their full twisting- power right from a dead stop. The moment you step on the potentiometer, that motor will twist the tires with full force. That means an electric car can take off incredibly fast.

Drag is a force that pushes back against an object in motion. Drag is affected by shape, surface finish, projected frontal area, and speed. Friction is a force that is generated when two or more surfaces come in contact with each other. For a dragster to be fast, there should be little friction because friction steals speed and turns it into heat. The study of airflow and the forces involved when an object moves through the air is called aerodynamics.

02/13/17 Think: I want to start and maybe finish my drawing of my dragster. Do: I worked on my drawing

02/14/17 Think: I Think about finishing my working drawing. Do: I finished my side work drawing.

02/15/17 Think: Today I think about starting and finishing my top work drawing. Do: I added some of the measurements of my work drawing and started the top view.

02/16/17 Think: Today I think on finishing my top drawing and measurements. Do: I didn't get much done.

02/22/17 Think: I'm going to finish my top drawing and measurements, then get my cuts.

Without paint


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