2020 Spork Look Book

The 2020 spork game has begun, many creative seniors have taken the time to decorate their sporks.

Chava Makman Levinson (top) and Owen Kelly (bottom) show their sporks.
"I just wanted it to look cute and have a meme on it."
Bernie Barasa
"It's Harry Styles and his album cover, and I love him. It was kind of the first thing that I thought of, then on the back it says hashtag be spork aware, because Robert told me to."

JJ McKeown decorated his spork with blue string because it is his favorite color and added glow in the dark paint to spice it up.

Angelina Smith
"My spork design was inspired by outer space because I'm outwardly good at this game and I've gotten lots of people out," Angelina Smith said. "I'm kind of kidding about that but I mostly just was trying to come up with something that would look really cute and I thought that the scoop of the spoon looks like you're kind of looking into some outer space"
Emily Robinson (top) and Kat Stanczak (bottom)