S. Hilliard Art Portfollio

Van Gogh's "A Starry Night"

A Starry Night, Vincent Van Gogh, June 1889

I chose this artist and painting because i am attracted to the way he expresses his emotions through his work.

I believe the subject matter of this painting is showing Van Gogh’s emotion. It is said he was going through hard times in his mental state during his life, and i think his choice of colors is a visual representation of that.

He wanted to convey his emotions with his art.

Van Gogh used a technique called “impasto”. This is where you use the paint directly from the tube, in thick patches with a brush or palette knife.

(I) In my painting there is a weathered pier, and a sunset showing over the water. I used lighter colors for the sky and water, to bring the pier out more. The lines in the pier are straight, and in the shape of a rectangle. There's lines in the water to show movement, and different colors in the sky to show where the light is strongest. (II) This painting reminds me of a time where a person could be relaxed and think about things without interruption. In the painting, i recognized the use of layering colors for the sunset, but using a dry brush that had been hardened to make the lines in the wood was new. The pier interests me most, because of how it looks. (III) The start of the pier seems closer than the end, and the sunset seems further away. Every color in the painting had been mixed together to get the color you see, some are mixed with white, and some are layered over other colors. The blue color for the water was used most in the painting. (IV) In the painting the sun is setting over a pier and a lake. If the painting could make a sound, i believe that you would hear crickets chirping and flowing water. If i could give the painting a title is would most likely be "A Summers Evening", because it reminds me of a view you would see during the summer. (V) I think the use of a hardened dry brush was a good idea for the pier, but i think the perspective was a little off. I think i did a moderate job on this painting. Its not awful, but it is also not great, considering the perspective and the sunset is a little off. I think the way the pier is painted is something worth remembering.

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