To The Kingship Chuck the archduke

I'm naturally connected with the pulse of my city. Newark's past and present nurtured my approach to creating and cultivating my sound. I rap, dj, produce, and curate performance and media platforms for independent artists. Only a jester wears many hats; a magician has many hands.
My talents go beyond my comprehension. My imagination allows me to create vivid auditory visuals. If you would close your eyes and listen to my music simultaneously, you'd find that it's very similar to awaiting the beginning of a movie and when the music comes on it projects on to your inner eye lids.
"6 Low Flow" is an album I produced and engineered along with instrumentation from Jonelson Rene and Big Cousin delivers some of his best flow and lyrics to date. "6 Low Flow" is on Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, etc.
"So Petty" is the New Jersey anthem! It's a call for the artistic community to come together and prosper in the music industry. Take a listen, share and let me know " how I'm driving"
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Chuck The Archduke

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