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The Fitbit alta is a fitness tracker and watch. The Fitbit alta comes in three sizes covering a wide range of wrist sizes from 14 cm wrist circumference, to a 26.3 cm wrist circumference. The watch has a sleek design of only being 15mm thick.

The Fitbit alta comes in a range of colours. It has four standard coloured bands being teal, plum, black, blue. This comes with the main compartment of the watch which is in a stainless steal casing. There are also special edition versions on offer for a higher price. These have 22k plated gold casing and the option of a black or pink band. The Fitbit alta has interchangeable bands and has other styles of bands on offer for an additional price such as leather bands (with three colour options) and a metal bracelet.

The Fitbit alta has many positive necessary and innovative extra features such as all day activity tracking (steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, hourly activity and stationary time), reminders to move, a smart track (this automatically recognises certain activities and records them), sleep tracking, silent alarms, tap display, water resistant, a long lasting battery life up to 5 days, syncs wirelessly to your device and displays smartphone notifications.

Why I chose the product

I chose the Fitbit alta because there are many positive reviews on the product such as the one by Macworld called "Fitbit Alta review: My favourite Fitbit by far" and also the one done by Wearable called "Fitbit Alta review".

I also chose the Fitbit alta because it has features that competing brands and products don't have. Such as The interchangeable bands. I find this an immense benefit because trends are always changing, and so is your personal style. Being able to change your band will save a lot of money not having to buy a new watch, and only having to replace your band for a much cheaper price.

Another feature that many competing brands don't have is its water resistance. I find this very useful because it means you don't have to worry about it when it's raining or when having a shower. This prevents the Fitbit alta being damaged in everyday situations.

In addition to the Fitbit alta's interchangeable bands and water resistance, this watch gives you reminders to move. This is something that many competing brands don't have. This is beneficial because it shows that the watch is not only there to show you your fitness levels, but also there to help you with your fitness goals and is like a friend helping you.

I also chose the Fitbit alta because it is environmentally friendly. The Fitbit alta only needs to be charged every 5 days saving electricity. This is quite high compared to other sport watches and similar products such as the Apple Watch Series 2. This only has a battery life of 18 hours resulting in it needing to be charged more often, which uses more electricity, damaging our environment.

Where I Would Buy my Good

I would buy the Fitbit Alta from Officeworks because it is only $178.00 from there. This is relatively cheap compared to buying it from other places such as the original Fitbit website, where it costs $199.95. Officeworks still offers the same warranty and refund policy as Fitbit, yet you save almost $22! I also chose the Fitbit alta from Officeworks because of its free fast delivery option (if deciding to purchase online). Officeworks offers to deliver the product in 1 business day for free. Whereas other stores such as JB HI-FI offer it for the same price, but will only deliver it to you in 5 business days for an additional cost of $4.95.

Payment Options

Credit Card


• Allows you to pay online and over the phone making it easier to purchase

• Allows you to purchase the good immediately, even if you don’t have enough money at the time, as you pay back the bank

• Harder to lose your credit card compared to many little pieces of cash


• It is easier to overspend, which may result in debt and other serious issues

• If you decide to get a refund for the product, it can take up to 2-30 days for you to get the money back

• You may be charged transaction fees and interest



• You can’t overspend and put yourself in debt

• You get your money back straight away if you decide to get a refund

• No interest or transaction fee cost


• Easy to loose because of lots of little pieces, especially when purchasing expensive goods

• Can’t shop online or over the phone

• Can be easily stolen or lost.

My choice of payment

I personally would purchase the Fitbit alta with a credit card. This is because it makes the purchasing process far easier then using cash because you can buy it online or over the phone, you aren't carrying many little pieces of cash which can easily get lost or stolen and you don't necessarily have to have the money straight away which is beneficial when purchasing the Fitbit alta as all sport watches aren't 'cheap'.

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