The united lakes and islands of Tank

The day I discovered The united lakes and islands of tank I had been zooming around in my speedboat

When a spectacular looking archipelago came to my eyes. It looked amazing and I couldn't resist exploring. I met many intriguing animals and wise people. I found some amazing places too. At first, I came onto an unpopulated island not far from the shore of the main one...

Snowtain and ryland - Snowtain was the first island in the archipelago I discovered. These desolate mountain covered islands has a few beaches, which nobody goes to as they are deserted. When I went, I experienced the difficult conditions and saw why no one lives there.

New mime - new mime is quite a large island situated south of the main island. The two main population sources: Rigel and olern, are the two main cities of the island connected by rail and road. It's edges are covered by mountains and at the heart of the island Beniel lake sits. Rohan is another town on the island. This island, as I found out, is charming. The people are merry and welcoming and their is always something happening. Dawene fort is an ancient, historic attraction which many visit. The large fort is open to the public and is a good day out. Lands end 2 is another landmark to visit. It was named after a place in Cornwall. Lands end 2 is near to trettone reef. When I explored this new underwater wonderland, was awestruck by the humongous Oceania whale which measures a whopping 1.2km in length. I felt compelled by the colourful fish and the Shelly-armoured Clark; Their colours were vibrant and like nothing else on earth.

Salt Lake City - I was amazed at the huge capital city and the salt lake. The city is a huge transport hub and is home to the nation famous tank factory. The city has huge time line of history: at first it was an army camp In the ancient city walls holding an area of about a third of the city nowadays. Some of the towers still remain today and they spellbound me. When the united lakes and islands of tank won the war against the un-united counties of belugas they built the city in triumph and memory it was fully inside the walls. Since then it has expanded and expanded. It gets its name from the large salt lake on its boarder which has an island at its centre this has a few buildings on it. The charming island and its merry people who know no evil fascinated me. It is as if time has frozen there.

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