Forgiveness is letting go of a wrong/hurt that is done against you by either someone or the person that is dear to you. That is why the bible commands us in Ephesians 4:32

"Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you"

If you are a man or woman and you know you have a short circuit and lack forgiveness, my counsel will be don't get marry at all, because marriage is the union of two persons who are good at forgiving. So if you don't have it, learn it before you venture into the union called marriage. Remember, even the bible says we should forgive not just 7 times but seventy seven times. Am sure no sane person will offend any one within 24 hours space for seventy seven times. This is a whole life time, marriage is for better for worse, in good times and bad times, in sickness and in health. So seventy seven times is for the life span of your marriage. Master it before you jump in so that you don't jump out at any provocation or hurt.

Imagine the prodigal son, God want you yo treat that spouse like the prodigal son, who wasted all, yet he was welcome home and celebrated when he came back.

This is not a license for any spouse to just wake up and begin to live dangerously or recklessly, saying after all when I get back home my spouse will forgive and accept me back, NO.

If you are reading this piece and you are in that space that someone needs your forgiveness or you need to forgive yourself what are the steps:

  • You must acknowledge the pain. Do not try to live in denial. If you do you will not see the reason to forgive or receive forgiveness from the Lord.
  • If you take a hardcore stance on unforgiveness try to be on the other side of the coin and let someone refuse to forgive you. How will you feel. I tell my counselee often times that in that situation imagine if it was Jesus what will he do?. That you should do.
  • You must bear in mind as a Christian forgiveness is a command. When God gives a command the grace and strength to carry it out has been given to us accept it and run with it.
  • Let go of the hurt: Your refusal is holding you bound. The person is free but you are holding yourself in one spot. Remember if you refuse to forgive you will not be forgiven of the father. Many people go around wondering why their lives not moving forward. The first thing you should do is check yourself. Are you living in unforgiveness of any form?
  • Lastly, you continue to forgive and pray for the person that hurt you. Remember, bible told us after Job finished praying for his friends the later part of Job was greater than the former, forgiveness.

As you do all these you will begin to thrive in your life and marriage in abundance and God himself will shower your home with his excess love and you live in fulfillment. For more on how to handle this subject matter and even the right prayers to apply to make this happen click and join for freeĀ www.singlesandmarriedwithpastorv.com/sing-up/

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