Academic and Political and Economical Achievements of Asian Countries By Zach Alfaro, Jenoy Daniels, and Trey Welch

Mongols Political Accomplishments

- The Mongols were very strong warriors

- Whenever you're talking about China and you hear the term Northern invaders they're talking about the Mongolians

Warriors of Mongolia

- Having a strong military meant that the Mongols controlled a large chunk a land

- The Mongolians land was sandwiched in between modern day Russia and China


- Mongolia was organized into clans before being unified

- Mongolia was unified by Temüjïn in 1206, he was elected Genghis Khan or Strong Ruler

- Temüjïn was devoted to conquest

Mongolians Fighting

Mongolian Economy

- By the Mongolians being devoted to conquest they were able to increase trade on the silk road

- Their capital Khanbalik was said to be a magnificent city

- Foreign visitors that came for trade were impressed by the splendor

Mongolian money

Academic Accomplishments

- Mongolians have many traditional dances

- Biyelgee is just one of their many nomadic dances

- Biyelgee is a unique form of dance, originated from the nomadic way of life.


- There are many different uniforms/costumes for Biyelgee

More dancers

Korea Political Achievements

- Korea is located on a peninsula

- The closeness of Korea between China and Japan affected history greatly

- In 109 BC the Chinese invade the northern part of the peninsula

- Silla was the ruler of Korea

- He was assasinated and Korea broke into civil war

Economic Achievments of koreans

- Markets were slow to develop: grain markets in agricultural regions of Korea appeared less integrated than those in comparable parts of China and Japan

- From the late sixteenth to the early seventeenth century, invading armies from Japan and China shattered the command system and forced a transition to a market economy.

- Japan was another trading partner and was also involved in Korean cultural exchange

Academic achievments in Korea

- Ancient Korea has provided many unique contributions to world culture

- These contributions included the invention of movable metal type printing, superb celadon ceramics, the exquisite gold crowns of Silla, stone pagodas, hanji, the most prized paper in the world, and the ondol underfloor heating system.

- Fine gilt-bronze Buddhist figurines were first made in Korea

- The oldest astronomical observatory in Asia is in Korea





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