Pediatrician aBigail mcfarlin

Daily tasks of being a pediatrician include administering vaccinations, doing wellness checkups, making hospital rounds, treating and checking the results of children's illness.

While doing all this work they spend about 50 hours a week working. Often time pediatricians take a half or a whole day off during the week. But they still typically earn around $173,312 in central Arkansas.

Problem pediatricians tend to have are confidentiality problems also knowing they have to report any signs of child abuse.

But they get extremely good health, life, medical, dental,vision insurance, paid holidays, and a lot of day to take off. They also have a wide career field they can find work in.

The majority of pediatricians work in clinics or have their own practice

Before you can become a pediatrician you must have a bachelors degree and go to a medical or osteopathic school. Also you must have good reading comprehension, active listening, and good learning strategy's.

But the best part of being a pediatrician is knowing that you have helped a child get better and live a longer and happier life.


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