Tally Youngblood “Sometimes it’s the smallest decision that can change your life forever.”- Keri Russell

About Me

I am Tally Youngblood, a fifteen, almost sixteen, year old girl from Uglyville with a dream to become pretty.

Like most uglies, I grew up in the suburbs surrounding New Pretty Town with my parents, Ellie and Sol. Life as a littlie was simple. I loved spending time with my parents and going on adventures.

When I was around twelve, I was brought to Uglyville, where I earned the nickname “Squint” due to my narrow, brown eyes. I also reunited with my best friend Peris, whom I met back in the suburbs. Peris and I spent most of our time sneaking out of the ugly dorms and crossing the river to spy on New Pretty Town. We wasted countless hours admiring the pretties, hoping to one day become just like them. In what seemed like a blink of an eye, Peris was off to New Pretty Town to receive the operation that would make him beautiful. I would join him in just three months. That meant I had to do a lot of waiting, and what better way to pass the time then to go to New Pretty Town and visit Peris myself? Although this didn’t go exactly as planned, I ended up meeting Shay, who shared the same birthday (September 9) as me. We instantly became friends. I was glad that I finally had someone that I could turn pretty with.

Aside from our mutual love of spying, pranking, and hoverboarding, which I was reluctant to try at first, Shay and I differed on our views about New Pretty Town and the operation. While I couldn’t wait to become a pretty, Shay despised the idea. She tried to convince me to come with her on this journey to the Smoke, a civilization outside of Uglyville and New Pretty Town. Of course I refused, but this came with a price. I am now faced with a choice: Betray one of my best friends or do what is right to save myself.

My Interests, Favorites, & Skills

  • hoverboarding
  • spying on New Pretty Town
  • making/designing morphos
  • spending time with my friends, Shay and Peris
  • pulling pranks/tricks
  • survival skills
  • visiting Ellie and Sol

Song Now Playing

"Oh Mrs. Potato Head tell me, is it true that pain is beauty?

Does a new face come with a warranty?

Will a pretty face make it better?"

-Mrs. Potato Head (Melanie Martinez)

My Latest Blog Entry

I never thought I'd say this, but coming to the Smoke changed me. (Whether it was because of Special Circumstances or not.) I've been here for only a few days, but I’ve already learned so much. The experience has opened up my eyes about not just the operation, but the society we live in.

It all started on my journey to the Smoke. Alone in the wilderness with a set of confusing directions was bad enough, but knowing that I had to break Shay’s trust was even worse. I distracted myself by taking in the magnificent views of the mountains and gazing up at the expanse of clear blue sky. It was so beautiful that I could almost understand why people used to live out in nature, except the thought of New Pretty Town always brought me back to thinking the same old, boring thoughts. Nine days later, I had arrived at the Smoke with the help of some rangers and their metal contraption they referred to as a helicopter. It was wonderful to see Shay again and to meet David, along with the rest of the Smokies. Despite their ugliness, they all proved to be very kind people. I found myself questioning why I was even bothering being nice to them in return when all I had to do was call Special Circumstances to get this whole thing over with. But after just a day of hard work in the blazing sun with Shay and David, I knew that I was going to have a hard time activating the pendant. I would be putting an end to Shay’s expedition, not to mention destroying the lives of countless people, including David. How could I ever bring myself to do such a thing?

Things grew worse later that week when David revealed to me the truth about turning pretty. He told me that his parents, Maddy and Az, had reversed the operation that was performed on them and even took me to meet them. It was then that I learned that becoming a pretty had serious consequences. Maddy and Az told me about how receiving the operation doesn’t just change the way you look, it changes the way you think as well. After hearing this information, I felt as if I could barely breathe. Questions raced through my mind as I began to realize that the operation wasn’t all that I had been raised to believe it to be. Why did the surgeons need to make modifications to the mind when making modifications to the body were all that were necessary? In a society where everyone looked the same, they must have figured that everyone should think the same, too. But why? I knew that there were at least some benefits of staying ugly. I found myself diving deeper into the concept that I had accepted as normal for years. The deeper I dove, the more I doubted society’s idea of pretty. I couldn’t help but think that maybe Shay had been right all along.

Project by: Autumn Comeiro (8-1D)


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