Is Buying or Adopting Pets Better? Pros and cons

When it comes to getting a pet, a widely debated topic is if someone should buy or adopt a pet. But there are pros and cons to both and what pet you are getting.

For pros with buying a pet from a pet store or breeder, you will know more about the pet. You will be able to know the exact breed and health or behavioral problems. This is important because, you don to get home with your new pet and not know about any special health problems. This could end up being a major problem in the future. Another reason buying a pet is a good option is because you will be able to see the environment the pet grow up in. Depending on the environment the pet grow up in they can act differently to humans other animals. There positives of buying from a pet store or a breeder, but there are also some negatives. You will have to train your pet. Training a pet can be hard and some people don't have the best lifestyle to do it, so keep in mind if you are traveling a lot or not at home a lot.

Adopting a pet is a good option because you will be saving a pets life. A lot of pets who end up at shelters were abandoned and not well taken care of, so here is a chance for you to give him or her a lovely home! If money is an issue or not, adopting a pet will cost less then buying a pet. Although there are many pros, there are still cons. Some shelter will give away sick or dying pets to unexpected families. Another con is you wont know the pets history. This is important because you will want to know if you pet has had a problem in the past of attacking other animals or humans.

Whether you are adopting a pet or getting a pet from a breeder or pet store, both are good options.


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