Jesus-Centered Life youth devotion no.06

The Real Thing

N.T. Wright is the most prolific biblical scholar of our time—many consider the retired Anglican bishop the “heir apparent” to the great C.S. Lewis. And Wright says this about the magnetic pull Jesus has on those who will pull off the highway of their life long enough to study him: “The longer you look at Jesus, the more you will want to serve him. That is, of course, if it’s the real Jesus you’re looking at.”

It’s “the real Jesus” whose gravitational pull is so strong that we can’t escape his orbit once we get close to him. But “the real Jesus” implies that there’s also a “fake Jesus” out there. Philosophy professor and C.S. Lewis scholar Dr. Peter Kreeft once told a class of Boston University students:

“Christ changed every human being he ever met…. If anyone claims to have met him without being changed, he has not met him at all. When you touch him, you touch lightning…. I think Jesus is the only man in history who never bored anyone. The Greek word used to describe everyone’s reaction to him in the gospels is ‘thauma’—wonder. This was true of his enemies, who killed him. Of his disciples, who worshiped him. And even of agnostics, who went away shaking their heads and muttering ‘No man every spoke like this man’ and knowing that if he didn’t stop being what he was and saying what he said that eventually they would have to side with either his killers or his worshippers.”

Our life isn’t really about learning all the right answers—it’s about encountering the real Jesus, who will change our lives…

Living It Out

Check out this list...

Go back to the very first devotion. There, you jotted down some of the stuff you know about Jesus. Now it’s time to add to the list. write down one or two things about Jesus that truly cause you to respond with awe… with wonder. You know, mind-blowing stuff about Jesus.

If it’s true that everybody who ever met Jesus has been changed, it should be pretty easy to think about how he has impacted your life.

What’s one way Jesus has truly changed My life?

How has this impacted the way I live my life day-to-day?