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Modest clothing, an attire once associated with women of faith, has now become a global movement that is attracting women from all backgrounds into long dresses, loose fits and high neck tops.

British artist & designer Nurjan, has just launched her own clothing line and believes that modest fashion can be trendy.

“I think there’s a bit of a stigma attached to modest clothing that renders the style almost boring or frumpy, due to the main focus being on loose clothing. As a young British Muslim woman myself, I like to think I dress modestly yet stylish at the same time, especially as a creative, I wish to express my identity in all of its facets… something that has inspired my latest clothing line.”

Based in London, online modest-fashion company AWRA, was was founded in 2012 by British artist Nurjan - a humble means to fund her passion in the Arts. The artist had already successfully auctioned her art in Sotheby's and Bonhams, exhibited and designed for Royalty and sold her work to well-known faces and CEO’s. She was on her way in making her name within the Islamic art world. The 2 businesses collided and both demanded the artist’s time and efforts. Nurjan's love for her Art practice has since been on hold as AWRA has grown globally into a popular online destination for modest dressers.

'Allah II ' © 2012 | Artist: Nurjan
“My clothing designs are all modest, however all very trendy and urban at the same time. That was a real focus point for me as a designer, I wanted to offer something different in both my design and fabric selection. I’ve listened carefully to my customer too, they’ve been amazing in their loyal support from the start. I love and appreciate my customers.”
“I’ve worked alongside pattern makers with experience in famous fashion houses such as Tom Ford and Alexandra McQueen to bring my visions to life and ensure my buyers have a garment that hangs beautifully when worn. I really want my customer to love what they buy, and for that garment to last them.”

The ever-growing modest fashion brand has recently undergone a major rebrand. All garments have been designed exclusively by Nurjan, who has worked tirelessly to ensure all items of clothing, have been produced ethically and fairly throughout the design and manufacturing process, a topic she believes passionately in.

The artist has styled and directed the brands photoshoots, designed and created the set designs and worked closely with creatives to bring her vision to life. She wants to offer young muslim women, like herself, an alternative option in modest fashion by experimenting with different types of fabric, weights and textures. Her collection consists of suede, herringbone, woven linen, silk and various other textures.

Nurjan designed the set for AWRA, which consists of large knotted dust sheets and smaller plaited dust sheets. The artist wrapped each plait along the bench to create the overall desaturated set she envisioned, allowing the colour of her designs to stand out.
“My target audience is young Muslim women, however that doesn’t mean others are not welcome to shop online too. I welcome everyone to shop online with my brand, modest fashion is for everyone and that’s the beauty of the movement. We offer a style of clothing, mostly an urban, trendy style I would say, that I’m sure women from all backgrounds & faiths would appreciate.”

You can shop AWRA's collection online by visiting www.awra.co

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'Allah II' © 2012

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