Who Are These People Jarrett Beatty

Who are these people
Who are these people
Who are these people and how do they know me.
These questions, how annoying, why are they necessary, please just leave me be.
Finally my parents come to my rescue, just to make me tend to their needs.
I ask her not to do this but all she says is that I'm just dong a good deed.
Finally the leave, after hours of torture
Now I can finally rest my head on the furniture
But before I know it there's. Knock at the door and all I can think is oh crap, no more
I sprint up the stairs before they open the door
But before I know it my name is called once more
I go down stairs just to see someone one new
Except this time they don't know me and all they say to me is, "you're coming with me"


Created with images by Cristiana Bardeanu - "Snow" • mbaylor - "2012 Elf on the Shelf - Snowy" • LoboStudioHamburg - "christmas atmosphere santa claus" • petercruise - "Christmas at Rockefeller Center" • Diario Critico Venezuela - "US-156860579" • pixel2013 - "brownie heinzel christmas market cologne" • Unsplash - "isolate top mountains" • RonPorter - "european brown bear afternoon nap sleeping on" • Wokandapix - "home life sofa" • Vivian Farinazzo - "Nature." • joebrian - "stairs" • RyanGWU82 - "Living Room" • macayran - "sunset sea ​​of ​​clouds clouds" • cometstarmoon - "Kidnapping anyone?"

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