The Nuts and Bolts of Engineering BY: lauren rutherford

Lost River Co-Op offers classes available to Paoli High School students. One of the many classes offered is Engineering, this is taught by Mable Zehr. Take a peek into one of the Engineering classes.

Intro to Engineering and Design (IED) students are ready to participate in class. IED is mandatory in order to take the higher courses.
Sophomores Jacob Tapp and Alicia Neale work on a robot. Tapp is a third year student and Neale is a second. Both enjoy engineering and plan on continuing it throughout their high school career.
Neale especially enjoys programming. Programming is taught during Principles of Engineering (POE) which is the second course in the engineering program.
Tapp is working on building a robot. The students use VEX materials to construct various new designs.
Engineering Teacher Mable Zehr helps Devon Foughty-Killion on his engineering papers. In IED, one thing they learn about it conversions. They are currently working on conversions and programming.

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