Something To Rally Around A new AKC title you can earn at home!

Here's something to rally around. If not leaving your home and getting a title on your collie sounds appealing, keep on reading. In this unprecedented time of social distancing, the American Kennel Club has come up with a program where you can stay at home and enter a Rally Event. Sound intriguing? Well, there's a few things you will have to do along with practicing with your collie before the video starts recording!

What you will basically need to do is set up a rally course in your backyard with one of the five predesigned rally courses available at the AKC site. Record a video of the performance and upload it to youtube.com. Then submit the URL to AKC and a judge will review the performance and score the team. The judge will generate a report and send it to AKC. The AKC will then notify you with your results.

One of the official AKC Rally courses you can created at home.

So if you are up for it, here is the link to get you started on your at-home Rally Novice Title:

> Get started on your Rally Novice Title!

We would love to publish your at-home Rally videos. Send us the URL for your youtube video at colliesonline@fastmail.us and we will publish at colliesonline.com this summer!

All the best to you and your collies, stay safe and healthy!

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Cover Photo courtesy Michelle Shoemaker / Wyndham Collies