Living things Made by Rashid.

Jane godall is a scientist that learns about living things.Jane godall was born on April third 1934 London, England. Her father was a business man and her mother was an author. Growing up, Jane loved animals. She dreamt of someday going to Africa in order to see some of her favourite animals in the wild. Jane particularly liked chimpanzees. One of her favourite toys was a toy chimpanzees

Jane spent her teens and early twenties saving money so she could go to Africa. She worked various jobs includings secretary and a waitress. When Jane was twenty three she finally had enough money to go to visit who lived in a farm in kenya. Jane fell in love with Africa and she decided that she would stay.. She met a British archaeologist Louis leaky who gave Jane a job and the job was to study about chimpanzees. Jane was excited. She moved to the gombe stream national Park in Tanzania and Jane began to observe th chimpanzees and she loved her job so much because her favourite animal was a chimpanzee.

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