Jupiter is the fifth planet from our sun and the largest planet in the solar system. Jupiter's stripes and swirls are cold, windy clouds of ammonia and water. The atmosphere is mostly hydrogen and helium.

Jupiter is surrounded with more than 50 moons. Jupiter has more than a dozen more wait confirmation. They have 3 categories of moons. One of them is the Galilean Moons. There are also inner moons. They also have and outer moons.

Its iconic Great Red Spot is a giant storm bigger than Earth that has raged for hundreds of years. It is 12,400 miles long and 7,500 miles wide. Winds can reach up to a high speed of 425 mph. Inside you will find lightning stronger and more powerful than any storm you would ever find on Earth.

Jupiter is a giant planet with a mass one-thousandths that of the Sun. Two and a half times that of all the other planets in the Solar System combined. Jupiter is a gas giant. It is mostly made out of hydrogen and helium.

Jupiter has rings. They are faint, dark, and narrow. These rings are composed of tiny rock fragments and dust.

This was taken by the voyager 1

Eight spacecrafts have visited Jupiter. One of them is the Pioneer 10. There was also a Pioneer 11. Some others were the Voyager 1 and 2. There was a Galileo. There was a Cassini. There was also a Ulysses.

This is the Voyager 1

Jupiter is known as the king of all planets. It is the 4th brightest object in the solar system.

Jupiter is named after the king of ancient roman gods.

One day on Jupiter is all little over 9 hours long. It has the shortest day in the solar system. One year on Jupiter is 4,333 Earth days.

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