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"The use of social campaigns to reinforce marketing in order to attract attention by establishing objectives and goals to design a complete digital structure."

>Encourage readers to share YOUR publicity<

4 easy steps
  1. Target clients
  2. Gain their focus
  3. Measure their reactions
  4. Take advantage of the no-cost opportunity

But...¿Why is it so important?

Nowadays such strategy is one of the most powerful tools in marketing. Social media is gaining a lot of importance, and hence we are introducing ourselves to the digital era; the technological era; the future. To benefit from it, we need to create a strong strategy that reflects your goals, your customers and your type of competition.

Many companies have been implementing, developing and innovating this strategy. Therefore its reasonable to expand the analysis on one of which's strategy is a developing weapon for their market.

Lets talk about the company: Pompeii Shoes

When talking about Pompeii´s social media strategy, we should first remember how important have modern technologies been for this business. Because of being a modern company, social media marketing has been a key for Pompeii´s success.

Owners knew perfectly how to use this tactical element to maximize its performance. If we want to study this structure, we should first look at its Instagram profile.
This element is very important, as it is the actual base of their developing e-commerce feasibility (B-T-C).
Potential customers use it to investigate more about Pompeii´s products and, ultimately, for buying. Instagram is the most useful website to a company which wants to communicate very visual advertising.
¿How is the company doing it?
Instagram marketing is their main weapon where they use artistic pictures with models in a range of age similar to their average customer.
Another company we can use as an example is the sweaters brand: Simpel, which developed a similar strategy as Pompeii.
After thinking about the actual situation of the market, we have decided a social media strategy based on the web page.
Why? Because we want to stimulate the intuitive buy rather than the intuitive desire. Customers in general would rather have active contact with the company for information, and also pay trough a web page platform. That's why an Instagram profile can't be enough.
A plan to develop the company's potential
Our perfect social media strategy will allow the customer to easily: See, desire and purchase. On this aspect, the strategy needs to have two main elements: the visual one and the intuitive one.
This regards introducing the company to a variety of tools such as RSS, Microblogging and Folksonomy, among others.
This, in order to connect more with their clients, keeping them up to date and developing new methods to benefit the companies entire development. Thus for example, in what regards to payment method, a pop up will appear, which will ask for payment data and for a proper feedback of their experience, besides offering them the new digital services.

A really interesting measure we thought ideal for a better experience and innovative image, is the implementation of the payment trough bitcoins. This will reflect the settlement of a new era, and opportunity, of e-commerce, with a large future and growth.

Cookies, in order to personalize the experience
Data collected from the web page about the costumer's behavior inside it will be used as feedback to improve the quality of our offer.
Finally, customers will have the chance to rate our products so we can learn about certain areas to correct or change

"A B2C Model that revolutions the whole user experience"

All of these, following the elements to create a proper Social Media Strategy:


Understand where the company wants to go, follow a path that guides you to your own success. Adapting to the new technologies is a great advantage to develop in the market. To develop organization a strategy is essential, and there are many platforms and tools to get you started.


Be realistic. Not trying to dominate each area of social media at once. Keep on developing each one individually, that will form a more solid structure.


Targeting the right people with the right messages is a key factor in the strategy. Addressing to the customers we want to attract. Following the business plan's value proposal and trying to expand it as good as possible. Microblogging and Podcasting could be two very helpful formats.


Competitors can teach a lot about what works in a company and what still doesn’t. Getting a good comparison on the market rivals development through their online activity. It's not about copying, its about a value judgment on the company and its developing position in the chart.


Again, transmitting and perceiving through feedback. An advisable platform which is reliable because of its general usage is the RSS tool for information. Get notified with every move you externalize and have a live interaction with your business atmosphere.


Selecting and segregating channels until finding the right ones can only be made by trying how the service develops in each one of them and "exploiting" the ones that work better.


Developing a strong content plan will deliver organize and deliver the engaging material in a more feasible way. This plan can be seen as a second strategy, but only to improve and deal properly with the information and material flowing through the selected social media. This to address better to the image of the company and improving on what the clients want from it

Its a matter of connecting with costumers and seeing the company from different perspectives, in order to achieve growth and development.

"Every business, even a small one, is a big deal. It's all about making it adaptable to external changes" -Unknown

Technological Trends Today Assignment

By Ignacio Sanchez, Nicolas Lavandeira and Carlos Vergara

IE University, 2nd Semester 2017


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