Artificial Intelligence in our society by. Brooke Bledsoe

Artificial Intelligence is a form of computer science that is made to create machines that are able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence.

artificial intelligence has done a lot in forming our society.

in today's society we have computers, smart phones, and even self driving cars.

it's safe to say that artificial intelligence has come along way since it was created.

self driving car.
allen newell was one of the creators of a.i. he saw that the first step to creating A.I. was creating a machine thtat could not only solve equations, but figues out how to solve them.

machine learning programs owe much of their success to the wide amounts of data produced by the modern world. statistics on everything enabling computers in effect to become more intelligent day by day.

no one knows how far A.I. research will go, but it is fastly evolving.

thanks for watching!

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Brooke Bledsoe


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